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Green Manufacture of Pharmaceuticals Using Evolved Enzymes


Using advanced enzyme engineering technology Codexis has developed practical, green manufacturing processes for a range of pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs, three of which have been awarded an EPA Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award. Our 4th generation enzyme engineering technology has produced a diverse array of enzymes that are operationally equivalent and complementary to the “standard” catalysts in the chemists’ tool box. Parallel optimization of enzyme, enzyme formulation, and chemical process continues to push the catalyst cost contribution lower, expanding the application of custom-made enzymes into larger volume opportunities.

Following an introduction on the technology, examples of the deployment of such biocatalyst in the commercial manufacture of intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients will be presented, including instances where there are no chemical equivalents to the enzymatic reaction. Chemistries that will be highlighted include the asymmetric reduction of ketones, oxidation of amines and sulfides for the manufacture of chiral amines and sulfoxides, as well as transamination of ketones to chiral amines.


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