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The AIChE Foundation had the opportunity to chat with Fahima Rafiqi, a chemical engineering student at Manhattan College and Past Chair of the AIChE Executive Student Committee.

Fahima’s parents left their home country Afghanistan in pursuit of a better life for their children. Throughout her childhood, Fahima visited Afghanistan and witnessed first-hand the effects of not having a strong industry to stimulate growth and opportunity. These visits sparked her interest to pursue chemical engineering.

She learned that chemical engineering is the cornerstone of economic growth and the catalyst behind modern breakthroughs in food supply, energy, and medicine. With the encouragement of her fellow classmates at Manhattan College, Fahima became the Chair of the AIChE Executive Student Committee. Thanks to this leadership opportunity, she was able to connect with peers who understand the pressures and challenges that come with being a chemical engineering student. She found a place where she could dream big and feel empowered.

Fahima hopes to go back to Afghanistan, equipped with the knowledge, experience, and connections that AIChE has made possible. She wants to help lead their industrial revolution so future generations can experience the positive impact of industry.

The AIChE Foundation plays a pivotal role in leading the advancement of chemical engineering throughout the world. Since 2014, the AIChE Foundation has awarded $116,000 in scholarships to underrepresented students around the world.

Join us in doing a world of good by inspiring future generations in STEM to dream big, like Fahima.

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