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2020 Chevron Sponsored CCPS Faculty Workshop

August 16-19, 2020
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This Faculty Process Safety Workshop, sponsored by Chevron, will show chemical engineering faculty how process safety is put into industrial practice and demonstrate the importance of process safety to the design and operation of a chemical plant.  

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Workshop Outline:

  • Sunday, August 16 - welcome dinner ~6pm
  • Monday, August 17 & Tuesday, August 18 - whole day workshop activities 
  • Wednesday, August 19 - Workshop ends around Noon (12PM) 

Benefits for Faculty

  • Gain expertise in process safety issues
  • Participate in industry-related safety case studies
  • Visit manufacturing sites where process safety solutions are implemented, so that these can be shared in educational environments.

The workshop enabled faculty to teach process safety in their undergraduate and graduate curricula so that graduating students will have a basic understanding of process safety for their careers in industry.

This program is run by AIChE’s Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS).

Learn more about the Undergraduate Process Safety Learning Initiative.