Industrial CO2 Capture with Polaris Membranes

Membranes are an environmentally-friendly technology with the potential to lower the cost of CO2 capture from large emission sources. In recent years, MTR has worked with the U.S. DOE on development of advanced membranes and processes that can be used for CO2 capture from power facilities. For example, Polaris membranes have been scaled to commercial-sized modules and tested with slipstreams of coal flue gas at a 20 tonne CO2/day size.  These membranes can also be used for CO2 removal from industrial streams.  Such industrial applications can offer smaller streams with higher CO2 partial pressure compared to power plant flue gas.  In these cases, CO2 capture can be demonstrated at relatively low cost and used as a stepping stone to future larger-scale power applications. Moreover, in some industrial applications, there is value to removing CO2 without considering environmental regulations, and Polaris membranes developed in the DOE program have found commercial use in some of these areas.  This presentation will review MTR’s experience with Polaris membranes for CO2 removal in the natural gas and refinery industries.


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