CCUS State of Readiness: Global Examples of Three Technology Developments and Demonstration Projects

The state of readiness for implementation of three carbon capture utilization and storage technologies is reviewed. Carbon dioxide capture during hydrogen production from an industrial steam methane reformer has been implemented in PortJerome, France. At this site, the CO2 in the PSA offgas is captured using a hybrid cryogenic distillation and hollow fiber membrane solution. Liquid CO2 is then supplied as a product into the regional market. In Callide, Australia, CO2 capture has been demonstrated using oxycoal combustion and cryogenic distillation to capture at a rate of 75 tons per day. Performance and reliability data covering more than 5600 hours of operation shows that the technology can provide an effective, reliable approach for the electrical power industry. At the National Carbon Capture Center in the US, a next generation hybrid cold membrane system is undergoing field tests. To date, the system has met all performance targets, demonstrating it to be a viable approach to reducing CO2 emissions in post combustion, air fired coal power plants.