Recent Advances in Dust Control and Safety | AIChE

Recent Advances in Dust Control and Safety


Ramírez Gomez, A., Polytechnic University of Madrid


McGee, E., Ajax Equipment Limited

The reality is that dust cannot be prevented during conveying and handling of granular systems. It can be reduced or eventually controlled, but it will be inexorably present. Because of that, dust in industries still cause many health, safety and environmental problems. The level of severity of these will depend on the type of activity of the industry. Dust generated can lead in fatal explosions, therefore efficient prevention and protection measures and systems are still demanded. Overexposure to respirable dust can also lead to diseases that can be disabling and fatal in its most severe form. How to limit workers’ exposure to respirable dust to prevent the development of these diseases is still a challenge. This session aims at gathering research on dust generation mechanisms, new dust control technologies, prevention and protection measures and systems against dust explosions, and lessons learned from industrial case studies.



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