(81c) Healing Formulation of South Korean Loess Powder As Bio Material and Its Application to Environmental Friendly Bio Products | AIChE

(81c) Healing Formulation of South Korean Loess Powder As Bio Material and Its Application to Environmental Friendly Bio Products

Summary: Loess mined in Korea, especially yellow loess, has been inherited as a mysterious soil to greatly contribute not only health promotion but also environmental clean-up from ancient. The study organizes a series of research presentations on bio-characteristics of recently developed loess bio-balls, and attempts to formulate the healing treatment of loess fine particles based on the particle design technology (PDT) of granules.

Loess powder is aged over 6 months to stabilize by removing moisture and foreign matter such as small stone and roots of plant, and then disintegrated or pulverized. We developed a process to obtain good dispersion state powder by applying finally a classification process. The study is composed of powder products and its healing efficacy. When this powder was applied to various skin diseases, we observed many prominent healing effects. There are many experienced cases such as atopy, face pack, half bath and bathing, frostbite, and athlete’s foot. Especially, we noticed such healing cases as rest sleep, restoration of fatigue, and relieving pain and stress, especially for the case of applying a prototype S4-bed. We argue the healing properties required to the eco-friendly bio products.

Key Words: loess powder, particle design, far-infrared ray, loess S4 bed, healing effect

Introduction: Loess powder produced from South Korea has been known to have contributed to the basic healing for health maintenance. The loess powder contains various mineral components, and it has a large specific surface area. It has long been said to have an inherent excellent far-infrared radiation function which contribute to uniform heating and heat storage effect, deodorant, excellent antimicrobial and mold prevention effect, temperature and humidity control function, and natural cosmetic effect [1,2]. Yellow loess powder has long been used when making of loess bowl and even when building a house. Loess's house is said to be cool in day and warm in the night. Its warmth brings about recovery from fatigue. The immune effect of loess on the human body has been demonstrated, and the bio products to which the loess bio-ball is applied have become convenient day by day. Thus, it has become indispensable for anyone who wants a healthy life.

German scientists have simultaneously studied bio-resonant resonance in aiming to discover the mechanism of human health recovery as a cure healing method so-called natural therapy [5]. In Japan, far-infrared rays attract attention for health and energy saving, and various ceramic materials are notified as far-infrared oscillator [6-8].

South Korean loess provided by Hanul Bio Co. shows the radiation characteristics of far-infrared rays’ emissions of 92.7% and has developed a process to manufacture loess balls under conditions that sufficiently hold these emission characteristics [9-12]. A series of studies have been conducted to confirm the effectiveness and safety of loess bio-ball bio products from the next three items: (1) Measurement of fundamental physico-chemical properties of loess, observation of red blood cell movement during viable blood by Somatoscope microscope, observation of DITI photograph (digital infrared thermal image data) used for medical diagnosis, (2) Discussion of oriental medicine literatures including not only ‘Dinguibogam’, an oriental medicine handbook, but also recent research papers, (3) Over the years, statistical analysis of case experiences reported by many users of loess bio-ball products [13].

Here, the measured data of the particle size distribution, shape, and the rheological characteristics of loess powder are introduced. Users for various experiences report their experienced cases to cure various diseases and research results of anti-aging. Where, loess healing house are investigated and proposed a tremendous attractive idea for further researches. Clarifying the various healing properties for recent developments of loess ball bio products, especially S4 bed, we report some original data on the healing properties including the healing characteristics to be provided as bio raw material powder in the future.

Experimental: - Measurement of physico-chemical properties of loess powder: Qualitative analysis of XRD by Rigaku miniflex 600, measurement of particle size distribution by MT 3000 II, MICROTRACK, evaluation of particle dispersibility by Lumisizer 651, observation of surface morphology by SEM, evaluation of interface characteristics by neutralization titration method, and dissolution ion analysis by ion extraction Chromatography method), and rheology characteristics humidified with a paste, etc. were carried out [16, 17].

- FT-IR spectrum measurement: Far-Infrared rays’ absorption spectrum, (FT-IR) was measured by a method of far-infrared rays’ radiation intensity [16].

- Statistical summary of healing experienced cases by users: Although it is required to confirm the therapeutic effect by clinical tests of the loess or the loess bio ball products, the enforcement has been delayed due to various circumstances. As the present method is the healing treatment of a non-invasive method, it is very important for us to utilize the information for the degree of change of the symptoms before and after use from the user. So we summarized a number of reports of experienced case from the users of bio products [13].

Results and Consideration: - Measurement result of physic-chemical properties of loess powder

Fig. 3-1 shows the qualitative analysis results of XRD. The measurement conditions are as shown in the figure. The XRD pattern of the supernatant powder sample and the precipitated powder one separated by water elutriation process was shown together with the raw loess powder. It was confirmed that the supernatant powder was halloysite (Al2SiO2(OH)4) and the precipitated powder was quartz (SiO2). Some halloysite powders are still remained in the intermediate liquid.

Fig. 3-2A, B shows the measured particle size distribution of loess powder. Here, the frequency distribution of B is a distribution obtained by dividing the distribution A by peak separation under assumption of log-normal distribution function. It becomes clear that loess is composed of quartz phase particles and halloysite phase particles, and the halloysite phase may be in the secondary form of agglomerated particles. Fig. 3-2C shows shape of each loess particle measured by microscope. Test conditions are shown in here: Dispersed in ion exchanging water 0.5 wt% sodium hexametaphosphate under ultrasonic by MT3000 II, MICROTRACK.

- Far-infrared radiation rays characteristics of loess particles

Table 1 shows the results of measurement of the far infrared emissivity of loess powder at 40℃ by the FT-IR spectrometer at the Korea Building Material Test Institute and its measurement conditions. The emissivity was 0.927. Left figure, Fig. 3-7 is a graph showing the relationship between wavelength and radiation rays intensity, and the radiation rays intensity was 374 W/(m²·㎛). The wavelength of the breeding rays, that is, the range of 5.6 to 14.0 μm is included at high intensity [16].

- Application of loess powder to health

Raw loess for 6 months or longer is aged, and then it is stabilized by removal of moisture and foreign matter such as small stone and roots of plant, and then it is disintegrated or ground. In a classification step, a fine powder with a good dispersion state was formed owing to the application usage. Except for the molding and drying processes mentioned in the previous reports [3, 10], it is almost the same processes. However, the obtained loess of fine powder was divided into small pieces to be commercialized, and its effectiveness and safety were investigated.

Since loess powder from ancient times has been said to be excellent in detoxifying power, adsorptive power and self-purification ability as described above, it shows a peculiar effect on the human skin. Thereby removing waste matter in the skin, it has been said that it works well for the prevention of skin aging [19]. Here, we show some details examples of experienced cases that could confirm the curative effect.

- Consideration on healing effect of loess bio-ball

Based on the results of previous studies, following three points, (1) measurement of fundamental physico-chemical properties of loess, observation of red blood cell movement in living blood by Somatoscope microscope, and DITI photos applied to normal medical diagnosis (2) reference of Chinese medicine literatures including ’Donguibogam’ and recent research papers, (3) consideration of detoxification, deodorization, air cleaning, anti-fungal effect, and healing action. We estimated the mechanism of healing action as summarized in Fig. 3-8 [13, 19-24].

Conclusion: As an important healing mechanism of far infrared rays by comparing experienced case studies reported from many users and loose finding outcomes on loess ball bio products, the following three mechanisms are consolidated: 1) Improvement of blood circulation by solving the stoppage of erythrocytes in the blood, 2) Eliminate pain owed to relaxation of muscles, 3) Eliminate sleep and stress through stabilization of the nervous system by early release of harmful substances.


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