(31a) Discovering the Fascinating World of Particle Technology

Subramaniam, S., Iowa State University
This talk will begin with a broad overview of the application areas of particle technology in the chemical process industry, and the role particle technologists play in addressing engineering problems. Specific examples of particle technology applications in sustainable energy generation and pharmaceuticals that involve nanoparticle manufacture, granular flow as well as fluidization and multiphase flow will be presented to highlight interesting and exciting aspects of this field. The intent is to assist the aspiring particle technologist in deciding “Is particle technology the right field for me?” The talk will then touch on opportunities in this education session for those interested in learning more about particle technology at all levels. The talk will then focus on the necessary techniques and skillsets a particle technologist uses in their practice, including theoretical, experimental and computational methods, and how best to deploy them in the field. It will conclude with a vision for the future of particle technology.