(139a) CFD Analysis of CO2 Removal Using an Amine-Based Solid Sorbent | AIChE

(139a) CFD Analysis of CO2 Removal Using an Amine-Based Solid Sorbent


Esmaeili Rad, F. - Presenter, Illinois Institute of Technology
Arastoopour, H., Illinois Institute of Technology
Amine sorbents have been used for scrubbing of carbon dioxide (CO2) from a high-volume flue gas stream. In addition, reasonably high capacity of amine-based solid sorbents also has been shown experimentally by National Energy Technology Lab (NETL) using an integrated adsorption and regeneration system of fluidized beds. In this study, we use amine-based solid sorbents to perform three and two dimensional CO2 capture CFD simulations using a bubbling bed and the riser section of a circulation fluidized bed systems. We also compare our simulation results with NETL experiments. Simulations are performed at three different temperatures, to consider the relation of rate of reaction and CO2 capture capacity of sorbents with temperature variation.

The Eulerian-Eulerian two fluid model using kinetic theory approach is used to perform our numerical simulations. For dense flow of solids, frictional stress and viscosity are also considered. In addition, the spices, momentum and energy conservation equations are solved to calculate the rate and extend of CO2 sorption in the system.