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(111b) Comprehensive Study of Usage of Oil Liquid Marbles in Pharma Industry

Rychecky, O., University of chemistry and technology
Janska, P., University of chemistry and technology
Zvatora, P., Zentiva
Cejkova, J., University of Chemical Technology, Prague
Stepanek, F., University of Chemistry and Technology
Many water poorly soluble active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) have been developed that tend to lower bioavailability. Recently, many papers are focused on a preparation of a new dosage form to overcome this problem. Liquid oil marble (LOM) is a droplet of oil encapsulated by solid particles. Creation of hard gelatin capsules filled by the LOMs containing the API was suggested in this work. The API was dissolved in oil, then small droplets of mixture were poured onto the solid particles and LOMs were created by shaking. Here we present parametric study of different combinations of solid particles (30 types) and oils (3 types). We characterize critical parameters of LOMs such as time stability, mass fraction of oil, API and mechanical stability. After hard gelatin capsules were filled by the LOMs with API and dissolution curves were measured. We compared the dissolution curves with commercial products. LOMs were successfully prepared from all combinations but LOMs with volume of 10µl were stable for longer period. The oil mass fractions were generally higher in combinations of methylcellulose with different oils. The highest load before failure occurred in case of methylcellulose with different oils. Our results suggest that the LOMs could be effective dosage form for poorly water soluble APIs.