Climate Resilience: Translating Facility Preparedness to Solutions for Today and Tomorrow

Science-based solutions and engineering principals are (thankfully!) addressing the global, long-term effects of human-induced climate change. Recognizing that coastal regions support valuable eco-systems and play a critical role in energy security and local and global economies, requires industry, the government, and communities to act now; collaborating to identify and implement practical solutions, creating resilient coastal communities that protect our economy and our environment now and into the future.

Historical, facility-specific vulnerability assessments and disaster plans have not considered the interconnectivity of industry, community, and the environment. With increasing instances of extreme weather events, facility-specific planning requires reassessment to prepare for the myriad challenges brought by such extreme events disrupting industry and their connected communities. This presentation focuses on the Texas Gulf Coast and the importance of climate resiliency planning and preparedness now, auditing facilities through a new lens to make informed, targeted investments for the site and beyond, acting collaboratively to implement solutions that provide multiple values to minimize business interruption and protect our critical coastal regions from physical and environmental impacts today and tomorrow.