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(13b) Flameless Oxidation & Gaseous Waste Emission Compliance


Flameless oxidation is a thermal treatment that premixes waste gas, ambient air, and auxiliary fuel prior to passing the gaseous mixture through a preheated inert ceramic media bed. Through the transfer of heat from the media to the gaseous mixture the organic compounds in the gas are oxidized to innocuous byproducts, i.e., carbon dioxide (CO2) and water vapor (H2O) while also releasing heat into the ceramic media bed. PCC's Flameless Thermal Oxidizers are designed to operate safely and reliably below the composite LFL while also maintaining a constant system flow and system operating temperature Waste gas streams experience multiple seconds of residence time at high temperatures leading to measured destruction removal efficiencies that exceed 99.9999%. Premixing all of the gases prior to treatment eliminates localized high temperatures which leads to thermal NOx as low as 1 ppmv.