How We Got Here

Narayan, R. S. - Presenter, Lyondell Chemical Company
Feedstock costs and product values have varied with market conditions. These market drivers have influenced our choices of which chemical process technologies to apply. In addition, new technologies have been discovered.

Only 10 years ago, the perception was that the US petrochemical was on its way down with little hope of recovery. While still behind the Middle East in feedstock and energy costs, today it is a viable industry undergoing a vibrant recovery. This up and down is not a new occurrence. Dr. Narayan will explore this and set the stage for the Panel Discussion that immediately follows on Succeeding Today.

Some topics Dr. Narayan will cover include:

  • Methanol synthesis (low pressure versus alternatives)
  • C4 technology (Extraction versus on-purpose, dehydrogenation)
  • Constrained economics situations: (coal-based in China and South Africa)
  • Oil Embargo and $100/bbl oil situations versus Shale Gas and $40/bbl oil
  • Major technology changes and new ones foreseen