Nitrogen Free Retarder For Styrene Production - An Economic Comparison to DNBP

Preventing polymerization in styrene monomer plants has posed a challenge since the inception of this industry. Over the years, many different techniques have been employed, including the widespread use of chemical substances. Some of these so-called inhibitors are no longer in favor because of environmental and toxicological concerns, and it now seems that with the introduction of the REACH regulations in Europe, and the Rotterdam Convention across the world, the additives used by the industry are falling under scrutiny again. Evonik Industries recently developed a new additive package for preventing styrene polymerization. This has now been implemented in a world scale styrene plant. This paper explains how the introduction of a greener technology need not be as expensive as it may first appear. Furthermore, the newly developed technology is expected to find uses across the whole monomer processing industry.


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