2021 PDS Keynote | AIChE

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The 2021 Process Development Symposium keynote speaker will be Bernard C. Dems, Global Leader, Leveraged R&D and Emerging Technologies, Electronics & Industrial, DuPont.

Key Insights for success in Rapid Scale-Up of Chemical Processes

Bernard C. Dems

Global Leader, Leveraged R&D and Emerging Technologies

Dupont Electronics & Industrial 

The desire and need for a team to rapidly develop and scale-up a new and novel chemical process can be an invigorating and rewarding experience if done well and comprehensively or be a source of grief and disappointment when key elements of the technology development are missed or fail to deliver at desired levels of product performance & consistency or production rate.  This talk will summarize some of the most salient features of successful rapid process developments & scale-ups and major lessons-learned over three decades of personal experience.  An over-arching theme of identifying early-on the major Critical To Quality (CTQ) specifications for end-product and product throughput rates is critical to success.  The need to identify the top few technology-related critical issues and assembling cross-functional problem-solving teams to develop options and solutions using a variety of techniques and resources will be discussed.