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Learnings from a Career in Process Development


Gregg is a Process Development Engineer with experience at the full range of scale – from lab through commercial - including startups.  He was trained as a Chemical Engineer at the University of Minnesota and the University of California, Berkeley.  In his career with DuPont and INVISTA, Gregg helped commercialize new technologies in THF and poly-THF (Terathane®) in LYCRA® intermediates, was Technology Guardian in Aramid Intermediates for Nomex® and Kevlar®, scaled-up fire-fighting foams and surface-protection agents in Fluoroproducts, and developed and commercialized OLEDs and Display Materials offerings in Electronics and Communications.  Gregg gained experience in hydrogenation, oxidation, catalyst development, chemical synthesis and polymerization processes, and in handling hazardous materials, including butane, ethylene oxide and phosgene.   He is expert in basic-data development and process safety and has learned to interface with management, technical experts, colleagues, and operators .  This poster will review some of the successes and challenges of his endeavors in process development and scale-up  and attempt to characterize why things went well in some programs and why they didn’t in others.