Developing Sustainable Technologies & Processes, An Industrial Perspective


Business and industry are increasingly challenged to develop technologies, processes, & products which are sustainable in every sense of the word; environmentally sustainable, socially beneficial, economically attractive, and that provide a sustained revenue and profit source. Traditional techno-economic analyses characterize the economic aspects of and differences between alternative process technologies, configurations, and options; enabling informed process development decisions. Similarly, a variety of tools & techniques exist to identify and differentiate the environmental impacts and sustainability profiles of processes, supply chains, and location options. These complementary tools enable an expanded insight into the risk profiles and impacts of technology, supply chain, and siting choices; accelerating our capability to deliver increasingly sustainable solutions. This presentation will discuss complementary use of sustainability evaluation methods (LCA, water footprint, etc.) with traditional techno-economic analysis to enable process development and deliver more sustainable technologies and products to the marketplace.


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