Communication barriers in long distances.

Yanto, Y., Georgia Institute of Technology

At DuPont Crop Protection, we strive to design the next generation of tools to help growers around the world to achieve sustainable farming with improved quantity and quality. We combine global innovation with local collaboration to turn promising ideas into real answers for growers to protect crops such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, corn, soybeans, wheat, and canola. And we focus on ideas that will minimize environmental impact to help preserve our precious resources. In R&D pipeline development, one of the key challenges is moving technology from laboratory research into production facilities. DuPont Crop Protection has focused on building and expanding a network of contract research and manufacturing partners around the world. The alliance network offers high quality science at lower cost, which offers potential for business savings and efficient use manufacturing capacity worldwide. This presentation will highlight examples of our recent work with our external partners in China, India, and Europe. Topics will include: building of product knowledge and scientific competencies with alliance partners, acknowledging and adaption to regulatory challenges in different regions, and analytical support advancement for anti-counterfeit efforts.