PD2M Future of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Workshop

November 21-22, 2019
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Have you ever wondered how the future of pharmaceutical manufacturing is shaped? Want to be part of it? The PD2M Future of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Workshop will explore the business, regulatory, and technical aspects associated with adopting novel manufacturing platforms to produce medicines. Learn more on how innovations and regulations are working together toward the modernization of the pharmaceutical industry.

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This latest workshop in the AIChE PD2M series is the first event to address the question of what pharmaceutical manufacturing will look like in 2030 and how we should prepare now to be ready for the changes that are coming.

We have assembled a group of excellent speakers working at the cutting edge of manufacturing innovation.  These include senior regulatory, industry and academic leaders.  There will also be ample opportunities for networking and discussion.

Presentations will address:

  • Why the industry needs to embrace new ways to develop and manufacture medicines
  • How manufacturing needs to adapt to new modalities for medical treatment
  • The impact of the wave of disruptive technologies referred to as Industry 4.0, including Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), machine learning (ML), automation, robotics, advanced analytics, etc.
  • The role of continuous manufacturing in modernizing pharmaceutical industry
  • Making future manufacturing systems flexible and modular
  • How the industry can learn from innovations in other industries
  • The benefits of advanced process control
  • The value of collaboration and standardization around these topics in order to avoid diluted effort as pharmaceutical companies, CMOs, CROs and their vendors move forward. 

Who should attend?

This workshop will be of interest to:

  • Leaders, scientists and engineers working in pharmaceutical development and manufacturing functions, including technical operations and manufacturing science and technology
  • Innovators, generics, CMOs and CROs
  • Members of Regulatory and Quality functions and those involved in preparing regulatory submissions
  • Pharmaceutical development and manufacturing innovators, including technology and software vendors
  • Consultants, systems integrators, and those providing assistance with delivery of technology projects and implementation

Keynote Speakers:

  • Michael Kopcha, FDA
  • Paul Collins, Eli Lilly 

Invited Speakers:

  • Tom O'Connor, FDA
  • Tim Watson, Pfizer
  • Jose Tabora, BMS
  • Marty Johnson, Eli Lilly
  • Jacob Albrecht, BMS
  • Martin McLoughlin, BMS
  • Sal Garcia, Eli Lilly
  • Rex Reklaitis, Purdue
  • Nima YazdanPanah, FDA
  • Joe Kukura, Merck
  • Fred Parietti, Multiply Labs
  • Luke Rogers, On Demand Pharmaceuticals

Session Topics:

  • Pharma 2030 (plenary)
  • Regulatory considerations & QbD of the future
  • Emerging Technologies: Flexible manufacturing
  • Overcoming the fear of advanced process control
  • Industry 4.0 - The 4th Industrial Revolution for Pharma
  • Innovation – Foster and Fund

Conference Chairs:

  • Carla Luciani, Eli Lilly
  • Ahmed Zidan, FDA
  • Ray Knox, Lyndra Therapeutics

Organizing Committee: 

  • Connor Coley, MIT
  • Joe Hannon, Scale-up Systems
  • Jacob Albrecht, BMS
  • Robert Meyer, Merck
  • Paul Collins, Eli Lilly
  • Ryan Graham, FDA
  • Steven Ferguson, SSPC