(59c) Desalting Applications

Sloley, A. W., Advisian (WorleyParsons Group)
Oil refineries use desalting, liquid-liquid electrostatic precipitation, to remove salt-containing water from crude oil streams. The same technology and equipment is used in oilfield production[1]. In refineries desalting reduces corrosion costs, increases capacity, improves reliability, and makes operation more stable.

This field guide reviews the state-of-the art on application of desalting technology. Topics covered include:

  • Desalter types (high-velocity, three-grid, spherical, horizontal)
  • Grid types (horizontal, vertical)
  • Feed injection (between the grids, below the grids, in the water)
  • Feed velocity (adjustable, fixed)
  • Mud wash

[1] Oilfield production operations commonly call the operation dehydration instead of desalting.



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