(25b) Tools for Open Innovation

Jurgens-Kowal, T. A. - Presenter, Global NP Solutions
In today’s global and fast-paced environment, the only way companies survive is to innovate. New products and services are required to keep pace with competitors, yet many executives feel that the ideas from within their organizations are stale and incremental.

Disruptive innovation, on the other hand, introduces new ways of solving old problems that engage and empower the customer. The most successful disruptive innovations are built on open innovation platforms, where we involve the customer in the design and development of the new product or service. Of course, there are challenges to managing these relationships, but when successfully implemented, co-creation leads to the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

In this presentation, we will discuss and practice some key tools for open and disruptive innovation. You will learn how to involve a customer in your product design without off-putting jargon or industry buzzwords. In particular, we will discuss the elements of design thinking to help you address customer needs and deliver innovations with more accurate product-to-market fit and speed-to-market.

Don’t get left behind in a tidal wave of disruption. Learn how to apply open innovation tools to accelerate your success today.