(20b) Energy Recovery, CO2 and Particulate Emission Reduction through a New Patented Process

Spagnuolo, J., Holistic Engineering Inc
AIChE Abstract

Energy recovery, CO2 and particulate emission reduction, through a new patented process

The basic process uses scrubber vapor or hot fluid (120-180F range) to boil a refrigerant to operate a turbine generator. The process has a net positive electricity generation.

Using scrubber vapor, the process condenses water and captures particulate by collapsing the vapor into liquid. The recovered liquid can be treated and recycled while particulates are concentrated for additional treatment. Condensation also captures primarily CO2 along with other gases.

Using hot water as the energy source, energy recovery reduces the demand on secondary heat removal equipment (cooling towers) and allows processes to avoid derating (power plants).

Joseph G. Spagnuolo, P.E., MBA, FAIChE