(184c) Energy and Exergy Analysis of a Single Evacuated Tube Heat Pipe Solar Collector Applicable for the Solar Powered Desalination

Takalkar, G. - Presenter, Qatar University
Bhosale, R., Qatar University
In this work, we investigated single evacuated tube heat pipe solar collector (ETHPSC) for the efficient utilization of solar energy for thermal pumping purpose by using novel Encontech heat engine towards reverse osmosis desalination. The effect of inlet mass flowrate , supplied temperature , solar intensity , ratio of condenser to evaporator section area , heat transfer coefficient on the efficiency and collector temperatures is studied in detail by using developed heat transfer models. The simulation results shows that, each has optimum based on exergetic performance. Likewise, simulation results revealed that the lowered hVaccum is found to be more promising to improve both energetic and exergetic efficiency and temperature gain wherein the maximum energetic efficiency of 52.52 % was found for = 1 . Furthermore, simulated results specifies that for of 0.3 and of 50 demonstrates more energetic and exergetic ( =31.4 %, =2.6 %) performances in compare to of 100 ( =11.8 % =2.15 %). Furthermore both efficiency increases approximately till equal to 1 and then reduces with 1. In overall, simulation records showed that the energetic performances improved with solar intensity and mass flowrate at lower inlet temperature and heat transfer coefficient. To achieve the better performance, these results are more useful towards appropriate selection of with consideration of optimized inlet temperature and heat transfer coefficient.