(173c) Oil-to-Chemicals Pathways Renewed By Separations and Catalysis

Abazajian, A., Advisian
Sloley, A. W., Advisian (WorleyParsons Group)
Main products from crude oil are motor fuels. The growth of motor fuel products is projected to decelerate under the pressure of hybrid and electric-drive vehicles, biofuels and gas-based fuels such as LNG, CNG, LPG and methanol. At the same time, the global consumption of chemicals continues to grow. Oil-To-Chemicals pathways and corresponding integration of a refinery with petrochemical units has garnered attention with refiners, majors and national oil companies possessing of large reserves of crude oil. This presentation reviews existing, former and possible future Oil-To-Chemical pathways. It examines the impact of improved separation methods, paraffin conversion to chemically active species and olefin derivatization catalyst development on the viability of these paths. Separation and catalyst development needs for possible future Oil-To-Chemical pathways are identified.