(163a) Big Data, Iiot, & Digitalization: That's the Answer, What's the Question | AIChE

(163a) Big Data, Iiot, & Digitalization: That's the Answer, What's the Question


This session will touch the key initiatives in industrial IT: Digitalization, BIG DATA, APM, IIoT, Cloud, Edge, etc., and explores the reasons to pursue them; and how not to. It goes on to explain and explore the single most important: maximizing uptime (availability to plan). Probing past and contemporary maintenance practices that may or may not have assisted uptime will identify a new, assertive direction using analytical techniques. There is a lot of talk these days about analytics and machine learning. It’s everywhere. Is it all the same? You can get it in kits from Microsoft with Azure, Google with Tensor Flow, MATLAB, and others. But not all analytics and machine learning are inherently designed for asset protection. It’s not the same as credit card fraud detection, or facial recognition, and bears significant consequences when it’s wrong. What does it really take to create a world that doesn’t break down? Vendors offer the same buzzwords all products sound the same. This session identifies the key capabilities to explain the most important. That means not just reducing maintenance costs but maximizing uptime through extreme early warnings that allow planning to fix small problems before they become catastrophic. Not just late-stage damage alarms but identifying the upstream root causes of damage and advising process condition adjustment to eliminate the causes of the most failures. Your operators and maintenance staff can then be confident in the failure prediction and act together to avoid unplanned production downtime.