(144c) Leveraging Advanced Data Analytics to Improve Process and Plant Safety

Fialkowski, C., Siemens

Digitalization is the next step in the industrial revolution to drive improvements in productivity within the Process Industries. This is made possible by the incredible speed at which new technological driver’s the industry has available such as Increased computing power, improved communications, smarter sensors, virtualized architectures, cloud computing and process simulation. Historically, the responsibility to reduce process risk by reducing the likelihood of hazardous event was placed on the Safety Instrumented System (SIS). Today, plants are starting to look at areas to improve their overall plants operations to additionally reduce the initiating events that might have lead into these hazardous conditions.

What attendees will learn

In this session attendees will learn how advanced data analytics in their process plants can help reduce potentially hazardous scenarios, thus lowering their overall process risk. Reducing process risk through these methods will lessen the performance requirements on their SIS design which will help to lower costs and improved plant availability. The following areas to leverage data analytics for improving process and plant safety will be explored:

  1. Optimize control loops to reduce potentially critical situations.
  2. Reducing stress and work load of the operator by improving alarm and messaging systems.
  3. Avoid unexpected plant downtimes by predicting failures before they happen to key process assets (valves, motors, drives, etc.)