(127b) Profit from Flue Gas to Increase Crop Yields

Kolodji, B. - Presenter, Kolodji Corp
Presented is pilot plant data/ results operating in multiple orchards in Kern County, California. Flue gas taken directly from the clean natural gas fired power plant stack is utilized. The technology provides cooling, delivery, dilution, and dispersal systems to feed/flood large quantities of power plant flue gas with tons of CO2 to acres of agricultural crops. The flue gas itself is free compared to $100 to $200 per ton (near 100% pure) CO2 sources used by greenhouses, and has a concentration of between 5 and 10% (50,000 and 100000 ppm) CO2. The flue gas when properly applied increases the biosphere concentration in the field's atmosphere from 400 to between 600 and 1400 ppm, depending on the days meteorology and ambient conditions, with resulting increase in crop yields of between 30 to 100% and crop water utilization savings of 25 to 50%.