Inherently Safer Design I

Gopalaswami, N., Honeywell Process Solutions
Newman, B., Praxair

The concepts associated with inherently safer design have been under development since Trevor Kletz raised the issue in his seminal paper What you don't have, can't leak. CCPS is now has a subcommittee working on a third edition of their text on inherently safer design and the topic is of great interest in the industry due to its relationship to the ever more important concepts of sustainability. In addition, legislators and regulators at the local, state, and federal levels in the U.S. as well as internationally have taken an acute interest in the topic not only because of the implicit reliability of inherently safer designed facilities in eliminating or minimizing process hazards but also because of the implications of inherently safer design on the risks posed by facilities from security threats. Papers related to inherently safer design practices during engineering, operations, and maintenance activities are encouraged in this session with particular interest in the intersection of inherently safer design with sustainability and security.



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