Application of Big Data Analytics in Ethylene Production

Braun, B., The Dow Chemical Company
Braun, B., The Dow Chemical Company
Vragolic, S., Flint Hills Resources
Vragolic, S., Flint Hills Resources

The production of ethylene and other olefins via steam cracking from various feedstocks is an established process, yielding the largest volume of an industrially produced organic chemical in excess of 145 million tons per year. Maximizing production and profitability of established and future assets is a key focus, and in addition to technological advances, the potential value from the large and diverse data streams available in continuously operated crackers has gained increasing attention in the past years. In the era of Big Data and Digitization, data-driven optimization of operations and process safety as well as business insights are more achievable and enable further advancement of the industry. This session highlights successes at the intersection of Big Data and Ethylene Production.



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