New Firing Patterns Improve Cracking Heaters Reliability

Garg, A. - Presenter, Furnace Improvements Services

One of the most important operating parameters is the tube metal temperature in the radiant section. Tube metal temperature is dependent upon several operating parameters and some of them are related to the burners operation. Burners design and operation play a very critical role in the heater operation. Furnace Improvements has a patented inclined firing technology which has been used successfully in reducing tube metal temperatures in refining heaters by as much as 100 to 200F. The technology is based on keeping the flames as far away from the tubes. There are other burner design parameters that can be optimized to provide uniform heat transfer to the tubes. Furnace Improvements has carried out CFD modeling of cracking heaters to demonstrate the reduction in tube metal temperatures. We would like to present the same in the conference.