Co-Gasification Characteristics of Biomass Palm Oil By-Products and Coal | AIChE

Co-Gasification Characteristics of Biomass Palm Oil By-Products and Coal


Jang, H. N. - Presenter, Yonsei University
Jeong, M. J., Yonsei University
Lee, E. S., Yonsei University
Lee, S. Y., Yonsei University
In the palm oil manufacturing process, palm empty fruit bunches (EFB), which account for more than 20 wt. % of palm fresh fruit bunches (FFB), is generated as a byproduct. Although large amounts of EFB are generated every year in Indonesia and Malaysia, EFB is treated as waste because appropriate technologies for the thermo-chemical conversion of EFB into renewable energy are still in development. In this study co-gasification experiments were performed with EFB and coal. From the results of EFB gasification, the co-gasification operating conditions were optimized for the production of syngas and the optimum mixed ratio of coal with around 20 wt. % was determined for better yield of syngas from co-gasification process. Finally, an assessment was performed to evaluate the applicability of the co-gasification of EFB and coal. As a result, the syngas yield was similar that of EFB gasification, approximately 70 vol. %. The heating value was higher with the value of around 3,000 kcal/m3 than that of EFB gasification with below 1,000 kcal/m3. However, the dry gas yield and cold gas efficiency were lower than EFB gasification; thus, further research focusing on coal is needed because this experiment focused only on EFB.