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Avoiding Quality Pitfalls for HAZOP/LOPA Sessions and Documentation

Maher, S. T., Risk Management Professionals
Black, C., Risk Management Professionals
Alarms use in process industry is fundamental for avoiding process accidents in which people, the environment or process equipment could be damage. All chemical and petrochemical plants should have a distributed control system (DCS) for setting alarms values and to provide indication of abnormal events to the control rooms operators. The presence of improper alarms could send a bad signal to control room opera tors and and it could be the start of a Process Safety Event; for this reason, a variety of advanced alarm management tools have been developed recently. This work presents a industrial case study based on alarm data collected from a petrochemical plant, ubicated in industrial zone of Cartagena de Indias-Colombia. Results show the big utility of these tools and the important information/knowledge in able to develop from advanced alarm analysis, also the study could conclude that this kind of evaluation could improve the alarm racionalitazion and better recommendations for alarm settings.