(97b) Current Situation and Prospect of Dynamic Equipment Status Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis on Big Data

Niu, Y., CNPC Research Institute of Safety & Environment Technology
Liang, S., CNPC Research Institute of Safety & Environment Technology
Dynamic equipment, as one of the most important component in petrochemical industry, whose breakdown will result in loss of life and property, like accident of crude oil pump in RFCC on Aug. 17 2017. Combined Monitoring characteristic parameter like vibration, temperature, supersonic wave and etc. of a site with equipment operating profile, assessment of failure reason, location, degree are generated. Tendency of this failure and prediction are followed by proposal for resolution of technical issues and suggestions for rehabilitation. Currently, this method above has applied both in China and abroad. Reduce costs and downtime by considerably extending the life of components in high-wear conditions with monitoring and fault diagnosis remotely for critical pump and large-capacity machine units become an urgent need should be addressed.


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