(85b) Multiple Ways to Failure - How Harassment Hurts the Engineering Profession

Grubbe, D. - Presenter, Operations and Safety Solutions, LLC
Deborah Grubbe will address the subject of harassment in the engineering workplace
from the following points of view: 1) the corporate executive (male), 2) the male
engineering or project manager, 3) the woman engineering executive/manager, 4) the
woman engineer, 5) the woman engineer harassing the male engineer, and 6) the male
engineer. She will address questions from her 40 years of experience as an
engineer, a manufacturing and engineering executive, an HR manager, and a sponsor
and participant of identity networks of all types. Deborah has served on the
Corporate Partnership Council for the Society of Women Engineers and as a Board
Member of the Women in Engineering ProActive Network. She has held a number of
multinational executive roles and is currently a member of the National Academy of
Construction. She is the current leader of the AIChE Center for Ethical Practice.