(85b) Multiple Ways to Failure - How Harassment Hurts the Engineering Profession

Grubbe, D., Operations and Safety Solutions, LLC
Deborah Grubbe will address the subject of harassment in the engineering workplace
from the following points of view: 1) the corporate executive (male), 2) the male
engineering or project manager, 3) the woman engineering executive/manager, 4) the
woman engineer, 5) the woman engineer harassing the male engineer, and 6) the male
engineer. She will address questions from her 40 years of experience as an
engineer, a manufacturing and engineering executive, an HR manager, and a sponsor
and participant of identity networks of all types. Deborah has served on the
Corporate Partnership Council for the Society of Women Engineers and as a Board
Member of the Women in Engineering ProActive Network. She has held a number of
multinational executive roles and is currently a member of the National Academy of
Construction. She is the current leader of the AIChE Center for Ethical Practice.