(84c) Tony Starck Needs Jarvis to Run Iron Man. What's the Future in AI for Continuous Process Industries?

Laporte, L., Braincube
Why bigdata is such a game changer? We have run plants with automation and scada levels for 30 years, and we encounter a lot of data. We visualize, we set, we adjust, we regulate. With more and more advanced technologies. We make a lot of decisions, impacting the performance of our plants. The bigdata era creates another level of opportunity. By crossing all kinds of information, we open the gate of a new world… of complexity. We understand that there is a gold mine awaiting our discovery, but our biological brain, the main technology we use to dig into it, is now outdated. Our brains will not crunch the bigdata! We need new technology : artificial intelligence.

Today, the most advanced continuous process plants are about to become autonomous. Transforming the decisions of process optimization to dedicated AI. This is coming fast for all of us. What does already exist? How do we implement it for what profit? What can we expect for the future? How can this benefit us?