(84a) Early-Stage Digital Transformation, a Case Study

Diller, T., Enthought, Inc.
Enthought transforms the business of science with artificial intelligence. We are a world-class provider of scientific software solutions and digital transformation services to companies in a range of industries, from chemical manufacturing to oil and gas upstream research and production to aerospace, finance, and others. For more than 15 years Enthought has been building artificial intelligence and machine learning based solutions with science and engineering at the core.

In this talk, we present a case study of digital transformation at a polymer design and manufacturing company looking to improve their data management and increase extraction of the value hidden in their data. We will cover details of the on-going project, including steps taken to digitize previously manual, paper-based operations; changes in workflow and processes to support digitalization; and examples of the practical applications of machine learning techniques. In addition, we will discuss lessons learned, successes and pitfalls in the project. Positive transformations were not limited to the business only but also included new opportunities and personal transformation for employees and a positive change of culture at the company.