(83b) Operational Analytics: Transforming Operational Data into Actionable Insights

Bascur, O., OSIsoft, LLC
The advent of digital revolution has now enabled Chemical Industry with numerous tools that could be leveraged to transform our operational data into actionable insights. Key opportunities with digitization include better visualization, integrated planning and execution for value-chain optimization, that results in smarter production, intelligent response to changes in raw materials, process and equipment conditions, reduce energy and waste along with prevention of asset breakdown, safety and environmental issues.

The goal is to link processing plant performance to operational insights, integrating traditionally siloed data and KPI’s for a more holistic approach to optimizing Supply Chain Plant Operations. Integrating operational targets with actual operational insights. The operational events become the new transactions in a process plant.

This paper discusses strategic data hierarchy methodology, findings, and challenges in the ongoing journey of implementing an analytics platform that evolves from being retrospectively descriptive to anticipatively prescriptive.