(7b) Optimizing Your Remote HAZOP/LOPA Experience

Maher, S. T., Risk Management Professionals
Although the basic brainstorming concepts in the performance of a HAZOP Study haven’t changed over the years, a number of other changes in the way business is done and the availability of communications technologies have changed, and this provides opportunities to enhance the implementation flexibility of a HAZOP/LOPA:

- Today’s workers are more comfortable and effective with long-distance communications that include video and computer screen sharing.

- Video and other interactive communications are more readily available in the workplace.

- HAZOP/LOPA documentation almost always involves use of computers.

Nothing is quite as good as a team being in the same geographical location, but the savings in travel costs, the personal/business time impacts associated with personnel travel, and the ability to more quickly convene and implement a HAZOP/LOPA review can make use of contemporary communications technologies to allow some members to join the team discussions remotely an attractive option that can increase overall efficiency, without compromising quality.

The presentation of this topic will focus on tips that can be directly used by the HAZOP/LOPA Facilitator to optimize the logistics to get the most out of a HAZOP/LOPA where some or all team members are geographically distant.



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