(58v) Experimental Study of Gas Leakage on Pressure Fluctuation in a Cyclone Separator

Wang, D., China University of Petroleum
Wei, Y., China University of Petroleum
In order to get further insight into characteristics of pressure affected by the gas leakage from dipleg in a cyclone, pressure drop and pressure fluctuation were measured by U-tube and multi-input dynamic pressure transducers respectively. The results show that in gas - particle two-phase flow the pressure drop decreases first, after increases, at last decreases sharply with the increase of gas leakage. However, the pressure drop decreases linearly with the increase of gas leakage in gas phase. Pressure signals at different tappings were measured by dynamic pressure transducers. By adopting, standard deviation, mean value, and power spectral density methods, the characteristics of the pressure signals were analyzed and discussed. Experimental results show that tapping 2 of the outlet and tapping 1 of the inlet were affected little by the gas leakage, tapping 6 of dipelg leakage average pressure was affected greatest, and intersection points which were the maximum of pressure fluctuation and main energy from low frequency were the average pressure curves tapping 6 and different axial tappings intersect at. The pressure drop of the cyclone separator is reduced, the transient pressure fluctuation is enhanced, and the instability of the flow field is increased by the gas leakage of dipleg. The experimental results can provide deepen insight into the variation of pressure field in a cyclone separator with gas leakage.


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