(53m) Integration of Automation Lifecycles; How Functional Safety, Cybersecurity, and Alarm Management Work Together

Functional Safety standards have addressed how hazards and their risks are to be analyzed and protected against, as well as how the effectiveness of the protection must be evaluated and maintained. With the use of PLC based systems, the ease of generating alarms has increased significantly and alarm floods are common in most plants. Alarm management standards are addressing concepts of rationalization and prioritization. With advancements in automation the threats of cyber-attacks and cybersecurity incidents has presented itself. Cyber security standards are being written to address these issues both from a manufacturer as well as a user perspective.
The most effective method for developing a streamlined work process is the creation of a cohesive lifecycle that addresses all automation requirements. This pulls from the functional safety, cyber security and alarm management lifecycles to create one unified approach to safety and security.
This presentation will address a combined lifecycle approach while using common automation examples to enhance the importance of the integration of the respective automation needs.


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