(53l) Top Ten Failure Modes Your Burner Management System Must be Protected Against

Fialkowski, C., Siemens
As the industry continues to move towards adopting the use of Safety PLC technology for use in the burner management systems (BMS), confusion exists when claiming compliance to industry standards such as NFPA 85, Boiler and Combustion systems hazards code, NFPA 86, standards for ovens and furnaces and NFPA 87. Recommended practice for fluid heaters. Under these standards, users must follow all requirements which in many cases mean adding external devices and or hardwiring directly to the final control elements (i.e. main fuel valves) regardless of the type or quality of the PLC selected. We will review what failure modes are typical with using modern technology and what a designer must ensure is being addressed in order to claim compliance to the NFPA standards.