(53h) Can Human Error be Measured, Predicted, or Controlled?

Wingate, K., Lloyd's Register
Human error is something every organization has to deal with, but the potential consequences in a high-risk process safety industry requires even more awareness and strategy for dealing with it. Since no one is perfect, human error is inevitable; however, the key is to understand what mistakes may occur (and their potential impact) as well as when they are most likely to materialize.

This presentation will focus on the various tools and techniques to predict, assess, measure, and mitigate the negative consequences of human error that lead to high-impact process safety incidents. At the core of this lies a field of science called human factors, in which the human and their work environment must be fully understood and integrated into the wider safety and operational systems across the organization. Human factors engineering (HFE), competency management, fatigue, and many other human element barriers and controls will be discussed along with how a comprehensive approach can lead to a robust safety culture.


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