(51h) Manufacturing Analytics - the Journey so Far | AIChE

(51h) Manufacturing Analytics - the Journey so Far


David, B. - Presenter, The Dow Chemical Company
Khare, C. - Presenter, The Dow Chemical Company
The goal of Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) is to make these high value relevant data available in real time to all levels of production management (Operations to Plant and Business Management). Therefore, plants can take advantage of this information to make improvements in raw material usage, asset utilization by reducing unnecessary process wait times and customer satisfaction through improved product quality by reducing product and process variation. This applies to both batch and continuous processes.

At The Dow Chemical Company, we have been actively pursuing EMI since 2012. Since that time we have done 70+ EMI implementations in a variety of environments. This poster talk will discuss the different audiences / kinds of problems our installations have sought to address. We will also discuss some challenges (both technical and cultural) and how we overcame them. Finally we will discuss how these experiences have shaped our view of the future for EMI at Dow.