(33b) Refrigeration Compressors in Ethylene Plants | AIChE

(33b) Refrigeration Compressors in Ethylene Plants


Harvey, S. - Presenter, Elliott Group
The separation side or cold end of an ethylene plant typically utilizes two levels of refrigeration. A -40F (-40C) level utilizing a propane or propylene refrigeration compressor (PRC) and a -150F (-101C) level using an ethylene refrigerant compressor (ERC). Some process designs utilize a binary refrigerant (BRC) as well for this coldest level. We will discuss what makes refrigeration compressors different from process gas compressors such as Cracked Gas Compressors (CGC)

Topics of discussion include:

Refrigeration Cycle basic overview

Sideloads and Extractions: impact on machinery design and performance

Materials of constructions

Process and surge control