(30c) Game Based Learning; Reinforcing Process Safety

Sneddon, J., Risktec
Simoes, V., Risktec Solutions
The concept of process safety has been around a long time but a spate of major accidents in the last decade has further emphasized the need for better and wider training and education. This presentation will outline a novel approach to develop process safety knowledge and competence through Game Based Learning (GBL).

Making learning stick is a universal problem but, based on research that suggests people remember 90% of what they 'do', GBL takes your message out of PowerPoint and broadcasts it interactively to the trainee. A GBL session typically lasts 30-60 minutes, is hands-on and, by using every-day analogies for technical subjects and grounding them in the real world, it is accessible to all personnel across an organization. Indeed, GBL for major accident awareness has been run for school children as part of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) teaching. GBL comes into its own in high hazard industries where, generally speaking, improvement is about small margins. This presentation will touch upon a number of games developed by Risktec in recent years, covering common process safety themes such as layers of protection and safety-critical systems. These games can be used 'off-the-shelf' or tailored to suit a specific application, operation or asset.