(20d) Upgrading a ZINC OXIDE Process to Continuous Vacuum Filtration from Batch Filter Presses

Perlmutter, B. A., BHS-Filtration Inc.
Madison Industries (Madison) and BHS-Sonthofen Inc. (BHS) have worked together through laboratory testing and field pilot testing to develop an optimized filtration process for a zinc oxide product. The current process uses a plate and frame filter press for the filtration of a zinc oxide slurry made up from a mix of various zinc material sources. The Madison objectives were to expand the production process and replace the present labor intensive process with a continuous operation. Creativity and “outside-the-box” thinking were critical as Madison and BHS engineers looked at the process from new vantage points to replace existing filter presses. Continuous vacuum filtration was selected to provide maximum filtration efficiency and improve product quality while increasing yield and reducing operating and maintenance costs. With the installation of the vacuum belt filter in 2016, Madison has realized a 50% savings in wash liquids per batch as well as a reduction in labor and operating costs as the vacuum belt filter is a fully-automatic operation. The Madison and BHS collaboration illustrates a successful relationship between client and technology supplier. The BHS approach of lab testing, pilot testing, and idea-generation provides clients with optimized process solutions for critical and difficult solid-liquid separations.


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