(207c) Model-Guided Optimization of Industrial Azeotrope Distillation Column

Pathath, P., SABIC
Gopalakrishnan, M., SABIC Americas, Inc.
Merenov, A., SABIC Americas, Inc.
Al-Ghamdi, M., SABIC
A highly non-ideal mixture is separated using azeotrope distillation by introducing an entraining agent. The key components and process impurities in the feed along with the entrainer form multiple azeotropes.

The column exhibited chronic underperformance leading to significant loss of valuable chemicals. A rigorous model was developed using literature and proprietary data to represent the highly non-ideal coupled system. Although the model was not able to exactly match plant data, it was successfully used as a tool to improve the performance of the industrial column. In this presentation, the authors will be sharing the applied methodology.


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