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(204f) Hydrogen Production from Biomass


According to International Energy Outlook (2016), global energy demand is expected to increase by 48% by 2040 due to the rapid growth of population, urbanization and economic. The major energy supply is currently reliant on conventional energy resources such as coal (21%), petroleum (28%) and natural gas (32%), which have negative environmental impact i.e. greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions, air pollution (SOx, NOx, particulates and toxic metals etc.). Biomass gasification has attracted attention due to the versatility of its products (hydrogen or syngas: a mixture of hydrogen and CO) that can be used for energy, fuel and chemicals. Hydrogen based economy has been of great interest worldwide. In this study, a two stage gasification of waste wood was carried out to optimise conditions for hydrogen production. The effects of particles sizes and operating conditions such as temperature and steam to carbon ratio etc. on the properties of gas products were investigated. It was found that the gasification temperature and steam to carbon ratio had a significant effect on the properties of syngas. Up to 54.5%mol of hydrogen can be produced in a temperature range of 900-1000oC, providing a ratio of H2/CO of 1.4. Increasing the ratio of steam to carbon increased hydrogen production up to 64.5%mol and ratio of H2/CO of 2.94 with small concentration of CH4 in the gas stream (<2%mol)”