(181c) Development of a Risk Based Inherent Safety Index Using an Integrated Approach

Jain, P., MKOPSC
Zhang, B., Mary Kay O' Connor Process Safety Center, Texas A&M University
Xu, W., SINOPEC Research Institute of Safety Engineering
Yue, S., Texas A&M University (MKOPSC)
Escobar-Hernandez, H. U., Texas A&M University
Zhu, W., Texas A&M University
Gopalaswami, N., Mary Kay O' Connor Process Safety Center, Texas A & M University
Roy, N., Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station
Mannan, M. S., Texas A&M University
The growing demand for petrochemical products and the implementation of new process technology have made the petrochemical plants more complex, therefore, it becomes more challenging to manage the risk. Traditionally, additional layers of protection were added to prevent incidents, which further adds complexity to the existing process. Inherently safer design aims at managing the risk from the design stage of petrochemical plants, which eliminates the hazard in the process rather than control the risk during operation. When designing a new plant or modifying an existing plant, a safety index system will be helpful to effectively assess the risk level of various options. This can be acheived by considering the inherently safer design principles, i.e., elimination, substitution, moderation, and simplification. In this work, a novel safety index system was developed to cover the life cycle of a process design, which includes research stage, process development stage, and engineering design stage. This safety index will be used to evaluate the risk level of petrochemical facilities by quantitatively comparing toxic, flammable, explosive, runaway, dust and physical explosion risks and identify the areas where inherently safer design principles can be used to improve the process. A case study on hydrogen peroxide synthesis process will be presented for the validation of the index system developed.

Keywords: risk based safety index, inherently safer design, life cycle approach, , petrochemical process



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