(175b) Understanding the Impact of Acoustic Induced Vibration on Piping Systems

Kolenc, J., Curtiss-Wright, Farris Engineering Services
Acoustical Induced Vibration (AIV) has been recognized as a danger in high-capacity, gas flow pressure reducing systems. High pressure drops across valves, orifice plates, changes in piping diameter, or other restrictions in gas piping cause noise downstream because of the flow turbulence that accompanies high pressure drop. The high-energy, high frequency noise causes high-frequency circumferential vibration in the pipe wall that can result in rapid fatigue failure at asymmetric discontinuities. This paper will dicusss the calculation methodolgy for measuring the power sound level and likelyhood of failure (LoF) and will outline the relevance of AIV associated with piping systems, disposal systems, and pipelines.


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